Landowner Partners

Local Authorities

Universal Energy Developments works with local authorities in three distinct ways:

Generating Value from Your Land Bank

We can work with you to identify and realise unrecognised value in disused landfill sites, contaminated brownfield land, low grade agricultural land and other similar value generating opportunities.

Creating New Homes and Buildings In Line With The Local Plan

Our key focus in expanding the build environment is in working closely with local authorities and other key incumbent stakeholders to ensure that what is developed and delivered fits well within the local plan and serves the needs of local communities in the best possible manner.

Supporting the Local Authority in Achieving and measuring objectives

As part of our offering, we capture and verify key data that can be used by the local authority in demonstrating real progress toward their sustainable development objectives.

Private Landowners

How much could your land really be worth? If your land appears suitable for a project, we can provide you with an illustration of what this could mean to you.

We provide a range of options as to how you can generate and realise value from your land including:

  • Long term, stable income
  • Ability to realise some or all of the value created as early cash
  • Useful ways to pass additional value on to future generations

Corporate Landowners

Boost the strength of your balance sheet by realising the potential value hidden in any underutilised land resources.

We can readily assess this potential and illustrate its value to your business.