Universal Energy Developments (UED)

Working in partnership with landowners to realise the development potential of their land
for either renewable energy generation or sustainable building development.

In addition to developing conventional agricultural or brownfield sites,
UED has specialist skills in land remediation and land value enhancement.

UED for business power consumers, promotes and obtains
substantial savings of up to 50% on costs,
whilst at the same time creating a path
to a NetZero target.

With our partners, we achieve higher returns of up to 20%
for green generators of energy, by removing
existing networks and transmission costs

UED works closely with local authorities and other public sector organisations
so that change of use of land within their area fits effectively into the local plan.

All UED projects have inherent community benefit and are fully funded
so the landowner does not have to contribute capital.

UED is a joint venture between land development and remediation specialists, Wharfside Regeneration Development Ltd and renewable energy specialists EarthHealth Partnership LLP.

Meet the UED Team, combining the skills and experience of land development and remediation specialists, Wharfside Regeneration Development Ltd with renewable energy specialists, Empower Community Management LLP.

See how UED work with local authorities to generate value, create new homes and meet objectives. See how UED work with both private and corporate landowners to realise value from their land.

Through our FCA-regulated partners, we provide both experienced private investors and institutional investors with attractive and exciting investment opportunities in our projects.